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Ratafia workshop 01/07

This workshop is aimed not only for Ratafia lovers but for everyone who want to know more about how to use herbs and plants that grow around you to make home-made beverages. Something unique that you can share around the table with family and f


Already joined our workshop last year? If you did and you bring your ratafia bowl, you get a discount for being so nice. Check the types of tickets to select the right one.

If one thing is essential about RATAFIA is that it must reflect the character of its maker and where it comes from. Learn the art of ratafia making and create your own recipe with local herbs that you will pick yourself. 


  • Group gathering at Artkom in the morning (Kleine Mechelsebaan 50, Aarschot). 
  • We will take a walk in the woods nearby to learn about botanical picking or wildplukken with Outdoorschool. They will introduce us to some of the herbs, plants and flowers that grow around us that can be added to your recipe. Don't forget to bring comfortable shoes to walk!

  • Back in Artkom, Sota Casa will provide lunch and drinks so you don't start working with an empty stomach ;)

  • A Ratafia master will join us all the way from Catalonia to explain you about the ratafia tradition, the legends and myths, and the magic of the ingredients as he guides you through the whole process.
  • You get to choose how you like your ratafia to be and we will provide everything your need from ratafia bowl to mix the ingredients as well as tasting references to get you inspired.

  • At the end of the workshop you will take your ratafia home where the resting period of Sol i Serena begins. We will provide all the instructions to easily follow the last steps from home.